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Prof. Irène Théry at EHESS-Canberra,
September-October 2011 and two worskhops Gender in the Pacific, Canberra and Nouméa

Articles and book Reviews


Document-1 :


Selection of the Publications by or about Irène Théry : 7 documents

all translated for the first time in English (except Doc-6 which was already in English)

(all translations, except Doc-6, by Dr. Stephanie Anderson, final checking in collaboration with Serge Tcherkézoff.  Copyright [except Doc-6] : EHESS-Canberra Branch at ANU)


(presentation by Serge Tcherkézoff)





A short interview, given in 2008, provides a useful overview on the unity between the major topics in Théry’s sociology : see Doc-2



Books and articles by Irène Théry can be grouped together around four major topics  :


  1. Historical and contemporary sociology of the family (book Le Démariage, etc. ) : see Doc-7 second half, Doc-2 first half.
  1. Debates around the French « PACS » (contractual legal partnership accessible to different and same-sex couples) and homoparentality : see Doc-3 and Doc-2 second half.

Reconsideration of analytical tools for the study of gender relations, and a dialogue with Pacific anthropology : see


- Doc-4 (includes a discussion of Marilyn Strathern’s The Gender of the Gift), also : the second part is a historical analysis of the Western constitution of the notion of « person » since early Christian centuries)
- Doc-5 (Serge Tcherkézoff about La Distinction de sexe… and about Samoan ethnography reconsidered through I Théry’s models),
- Doc-6 (Laura Downs about La Distinction de sexe…)

Debates on anonymity of donors in medically assisted reproduction: see Doc-7 (this article also comes back to some of the previous majors works), and end of Doc-2.




For full bibliographical reference, see the beginning of each text, except for Doc-6 and -7 :



Doc-2 : Théry, interview…, 2008


Download here

Doc-3 : Théry, « Same-sex couples, marriage… », 2009


Download here



Doc-4 : Théry, « Gender :… personal identity or mode of social relations », Berlin Conference… 2009.


Download here

Doc-5 : Tcherkezoff, « Gender distinction… and the Samoan Islands : on Irène Théry La Distinction de sexe... », 2011


Download here



Doc-6 :
(full reference is on this web site that gives access to download) Laura Lee Downs, « Gender is everywhere : review of Irène Théry La Distinction de sexe… », 2009


Download from



Doc-7 : Théry, « Can we say that anonimity in gifts for engendering is really ‘ethical’ ? » « L’anonymat des dons d’engendrement est-il vraiment ‘éthique’ ? », Esprit, Mai 2009, pp. 133-166


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