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Sciences sociale Pacifique
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21 Mars: a delegation from the Congress of New Caledonia, led by the Speaker of the House Roch Wamytan, met in Canberra with ANU and EHESS Colleagues

The meeting was organised by EHESS-ANU in partnership with the Embassy of France. It was a part of the Delegation's official visit to the Australian Parliament. A research partnership was planned, on various topics: political and constitutional systems in Oceania, models of citizenship and nation-building; tertiary education, support and exchanges for students, support for more opening to the English language; pedagogy in primary/secondary school; plural linguistic education, etc.

[© Congrès Nouvelle-Calédonie]
[© Congrès Nouvelle-Calédonie]

Right: Delegation: Jean-Luc Regent, Ilaïsaane Lauouvea, Roch Wamytan, Simon Loueckhote, Georges Naturel centre: Pierre Labbe (ambassade), Chris Ballard (ANU).

Left (hors champ : Denise Fisher, Darrell Tryon, ANU et Serge Tcherkezoff), Peter Brown (ANU)

Sciences sociale Pacifique
Sciences sociale Pacifique Sciences sociale Pacifique Sciences sociale Pacifique
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