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3 Mai: Maurice Godelier, qui a tant fait pour le dialogue anglophone-francophone en anthropologie du Pacifique (et au-delà), reçoit un livre d'hommages

Maurice Godelier's Work in Context

Edited by Laurent Dousset and Serge Tcherkézoff

"This is an extremely welcome addition to the literature -- unfortunately, too many English-speakers today think of Godelier as a footnote in the history of Marxist anthropology. This volume helps us remember the importance of Godelier as a thinker of the first order and a major bridge between the Anglophone and Francophone anthropology ." (stress is mine: ST) · Alex Golub, University of Hawai'i, Manoa

For order information:
The book will be released in the US by the end of next week. It will take another month to be available in Europe.

For List of Contents:

Introduction Laurent Dousset and Serge Tcherkézoff

Chapter 1. Some Things You Say, Some Things You Dissimulate, and Some Things You Keep To Yourself: Linguistic and Material Exchange in the Construction of Melanesian Societies Joel Robbins

Chapter 2. The Enigma of Christian Conversion: Exchange and the Emergence of New Great Men among the Maisin of Papua New Guinea John Barker

Chapter 3. Alienating the Inalienable: Marriage and Money in a Big-man Society Polly Wiessner

Chapter 4. Anthropology and the Future of Sexuality Studies: An Essay in Honour of Maurice Godelier Gilbert Herdt

Chapter 5. Material and Immaterial Relations: Gender, Rank and Christianity in Vanuatu Margaret Jolly

Chapter 6. The Making of Chiefs: Hereditary Succession, Personal Agency and Exchange in North Mekeo Chiefdoms Mark S. Mosko

Chapter 7. What is left out in Kinship Robert H. Barnes

Chapter 8. Maurice Godelier and the Asiatic Mode Jack Goody

Chapter 9. The Dialectic of Cosmopolitanization and Indigenization in the Contemporary World System: Contradictory Configurations of Class and Culture

Jonathan Friedman

Copyleft, Laurent Dousset
Copyleft, Laurent Dousset

Sciences sociale Pacifique
Sciences sociale Pacifique Sciences sociale Pacifique Sciences sociale Pacifique
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